Of Inhuman #Bond_age_: 50 Years of Bond Oscar Montage / Shirley Bassey

  1. 50 Years of Bond Oscar Montage / Shirley Bassey

    (The full video of the montage and Bassey performance have been eliminated from existence.)

    How much more effectively does Shirley Bassey convey “the music of James Bond” than that crude montage of breasts and explosions? Sure, part of the allure of the James Bond films is tied to women and stuntwork, but that’s not why the series is great. The series persists and remains relevant because of the evolution of the James Bond character and the actors that have played the role over the last 50 years. Roger Moore is barely featured. Connery gets a few obligatory eyebrow tilts. Lazenby ogles Diana Rigg’s HUGE TRACKS OF LAND. Brosnan mugs a couple of times. And as far as I can tell, Daniel Craig never wears a shirt. The montage focused on the superficial aspects of the series that Bond detractors always cite when denigrating the series. To celebrate Bond you needed to celebrate the character of James Bond and the actors who have played him… as well as the women and the stunts. I understand that gathering all of the actors on stage was an impossible task (reportedly Connery and Brosnan turned down the invitation to appear). A gathering of all six has never happened (to my knowledge) and it would have been a truly magical moment among a confused and awkward awards ceremony. Nevertheless, in lieu of the actors attending in person, the montage needed to highlight all of our beloved James Bonds — not merely the superficial moments, taken out of context, that lend fodder to those that choose to marginalize 007.

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